Details of Absconders/Proclaimed Offenders of Sindh

List of (A Class Absconders & Detected & POs Arrested) Range/District wise

Karachi Range
East Zone Karachi December-2019
South Zone Karachi 12-10-2020
District South 30-06-2020
West Zone Karachi 21-08-2020
City District South Zone Karachi October-2020
POs Absconders East Zone Karachi 31-01-2020
Investigation-I East September-2020
Investigation-II Malir 31-08-2019
Investigation-III Korangi 30-06-2020
SIU Karachi 2019
Hyderabad Region
Hyderabad Region Upto 2020
Mirpurkhas Range 01-09-2020
SBA Range 30-06-2020
Sukkur Region
Sukkur Region Upto 2019
Sukkur Range Upto 2020
District Sukkur 30-06-2020
District Ghotki 05-08-2020
Larkana Range 15-10-2020
District Jacobabad 2019 / District Jacobabad 2020 30-06-2020
CTD Sindh
CTD Sindh Absconders  
CTD Sindh POs  
Summary of Hyderabad Region (Absconders POs)