Central Police Office

Officers Name

S.No. Designation Name Date
01 IGP Sindh Mr. Riffat Mukhtar, PSP 19.08.2023
02 Addl. IGP Establishment, Sindh Lookafter by Mr. Khadim Hussain Rind, PSP --
03 Addl: IGP Internal Accountability Bureau Sindh Lookafter by Mr. Farhat Ali Junejo, PSP 17.08.2023
04 Addl. IGP Finance, Logistic & Welfare Sindh Lookafter by Mr. Abdul Qadir Qayyum, QPM, PSP 15.11.2023
05 Addl. IGP Operations Sindh Mr. Farhat Ali Junejo, PSP --
06 Addl. IGP Investigation Sindh Lookafter by Mr. Abdul Qadir Qayum, PSP 08.09.2023
07 DIGP Headquarters, Sindh Mr. Muhammad Zubair Dareshak, PSP 27.03.2023
08 DIGP Information Technology Directorate, Sindh Mr. Muhammad Younis Chandio, PSP 21.09.2023
09 DIGP Finance, Sindh Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Mahar, PSP 21.09.2023
10 DIGP Establishment, Sindh Syed Pir Muhammad Shah, PSP 21.09.2023
11 AIGP Operations, Sindh Mr. Sheeraz Nazeer, PSP 09.09.2023
12 AIGP Centralized Complaint Cell, CPO Mr. Aijaz Ahmed Shaikh, PSP 16.11.2023
13 AIGP Establishment-I, Sindh Ms. Suhai Aziz, PSP 29.06.2022
14 AIGP Establishment-II, Sindh Mr. Shad Ibne Masih, PSP 29.08.2022
15 AIGP Admin, CPO Mr. Syed Ali Asif, PSP 09.09.2023
16 AIGP Information Technology Directorate, Sindh Lt. (R) Ghulam Murtaza Tabasam, PSP 17.11.2023
17 AIGP Finance, Sindh Mr. Adeel Hussain Chandio, PSP 09.09.2023
18 AIGP Logistics, Sindh Mr. Khawar Akbar Shaikh, PSP 09.09.2023
19 AIGP Welfare, Sindh Mr. Zubair Nazeer Ahmed Shaikh, PSP 15.09.2023
20 AIGP Estate & Management Mr. Farooque Ahmed Bijarani, PSP 09.09.2023
21 AIGP Legal, Sindh Lookafter by Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed Abbasi, SP 09.09.2023
22 AIGP Legal-I, Sindh Vacant --
23 AIGP Legal-II, Sindh Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed Abbasi, SP 28.02.2023
24 AIGP Legal-III, Sindh Vacant --
25 AIGP Internal Accountability Bureau Sindh Mr. Zeeshan Shafique Siddiqui, PSP 17.11.2023
26 AIGP Gender Crime / Human Rights Cell, CPO, Sindh Ms. Lubna Tiwana, SP 15.09.2023
27 SP Military Monitoring Cell, CPO Vacant --
28 PSO to IGP Sindh Vacant --
29 SSP Command & Control, CPO, Sindh Lookafter by Mr. Farooque Ahmed Bijarani, PSP 16.11.2023
30 Project Director I.T, CPO, Sindh Mrs. Tabasum Abbasi --
31 Principal School of Finance & I.T CPO Sindh, Karachi Vacant --
32 Vice Principal School of Finance & I.T CPO Sindh Karachi Mr. Malik Tariq Mahmood, DSP 15-06-2022
33 DSP/Minorities Complaint Cell, CPO Sindh Mr. Imtiaz Ullah Khan, DSP 26.05.2022

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Budget Information

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