Crime & Investigation Branch

Functions of Department


The Human Rights Cell / Missing Persons Cell was established through National Standing Committee recommendations on the Human Rights Cell at CPO level, Sindh Province. Human Rights Cell is engaged in discharging duties and timely accomplishment of important tasks such as matters regarding Missing Persons and Human Rights Violations, which are often overseen by the Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan and H'able High Court of Sindh, Commission of Inquiry on Enforced Disappearances, Ministry of Interior / Human Rights and important references relating to National, Provincial Assemblies & Senate in Coordination with Branches i.e. AIGP Operations, AIGP Legal CPO & CME Branch, which all are in the premises of CPO.


The Assembly Question Cell working under the administrative control of DIGP C&IB Sindh, Karachi on behalf of the instructions of worthy IGP Sindh, Karachi. The Assembly Question Cell is performing and deals / matter related to Senate Secretariat, National and Provincial Assembly Secretariat pertaining to the subject i.e. Pre-Admission Notices, Call Attentions, Privilege Motions, Adjournment Motions and Standing Committee Meeting, in which questions & references raised by the Honourable Parliamentarian, on the Session held as per Assembly Schedule for obtaining specific reply of the question on urgent basis, moreover, related corresponding with the Ministry of Interior, NCMC, NACTA, NPB Islamabad, Government of Pakistan, and others Ministries, as well as Home Department Government of Sindh, Karachi, on those matters.


The Statistical Branch are collect following information / data to maintain / compile the record and Issue reports Monthly, Fortnightly & Daily basis:
Sectarian Killing cases, Target Killing Cases, Street Crime, Narcotics Cases, Violence against women, Crime Reports under 45 heads, Drugs cases, Theft / Snatch cases, kidnapping for ransom, Karo Kari cases, Police Shuhada & Injured Cases.


To deal all legal / Court matters and Scrutiny / opinion of Cases on behalf of DIGP C&IB Sindh.

Develop / Non-Develop Schemes Info

At present no Development/ Non-Development Schemes are under progress.

Job Description


The DIG Crime & Investigation Branch. Sindh shall assist to Inspector General of Police in:
Strategic over sight of the Crime & Investigation Branch of criminal cases in the province.
Standardization of investigation procedures.
Innovations in investigations.
Capacity building of investigators .
To supervise CRO & Forensic Division
1. Provision of Mobile Crime Scene Laboratories to all districts of Sindh with equipment and trained technicians.
2. Training and capacity building of Crime Scene Investigators through in-service and specialized courses.
Change of Investigation .
Crime Statistics and Analysis .
Issuance of crime Gazetteer (yearly). .
Performance audit of Investigators .
To conduct enquiries entrusted by the IGP and Superior Courts and to act as final Investigation agency (Opinion only).
Any other strategic aspects without involving in day to day conduct Investigations at tactical level.
Missing Person proceedings.
Assembly Question Section.
Crime & Investigation Branch shall maintain liaison with the Prosecution in important cases.
Any other subject assigned by the IGP Sindh.


The DIG Crime & Investigation Branch. Sindh shall assist to Inspector General of Police in:
The Sindh(Repeal of the Police Act, 1861 and Revival of Police Order, 2002) (Amendment) Act, 2019.
Article 18 Posting of head of investigation
1. The head of investigation in the province shall be an officer of the rank of Deputy Inspector General of Police
2. The head of Investigation in the district shall be an officer of the rank of Superintendent of Police
Article 18(4): Investigation shall not be changed except after due deliberation and recommendation by a board headed by an officer not below the rank of a senior superintendent of police and two superintendent of police once being head of investigation of the concerned district.
The order of change of investigation shall be issued by the head of investigation of the province.
The second change of investigation shall be done after approval of IGP

Work of Each Department

Maintain the Law and order situation.

Officers Name

S.No. Designation Name Date
1 Addl. IGP Investigation, Sindh, Karachi Lookafter by Mr. Muzaffar Ali Shaikh, PSP 25.08.2022
2 DIGP Investigation (Crime Branch) Sindh, Karachi Mr. Amir Farooqi, PSP 15.03.2023
3 ADIGP (Admin) Crimes Sindh Vacant --
4 AIGP Forensic Division, Sindh Lookafter by Mr. Syed Muhammad Abbas Rizvi 27.03.2023
5 ADIGP Admn: Crime Branch Karachi Lt. (R) Imran Shaukat, PSP 06.03.2023
6 SP Crime Branch-I, Karachi Capt. (R) Mohammad Asad Ali Ch, PSP 24.10.2023
7 SP Crime Branch-II, Karachi Mr. Shakeel Ahmed Sarfraz, SP 17.11.2023
8 SSP Crime Branch, Hyderabad Syed Aamir Abbas Shah, PSP 22.03.2024
9 SSP Crime Branch, Mirpurkhas Vacant --
10 SSP Crime Branch, Sukkur Vacant --
11 SP Crime Branch, Larkana Mr. Ansar Ali Mithani, SP 16.10.2023
12 DSP/Assembly Question Cell, Crime Branch, Sindh Mr. Sajid Tufail, DSP 26.05.2022
Larkana Range Organogram

Budget Information

Sindh Police Budget Info 2023 - 24