Special Branch

Functions of Department

As per Police Rules -1934, the functions of Special Branch include:


Information Collection

Assessment of Information

Surveillancem and Foreigner’s Registration

Information Collection


VVIPs & VIPs Security



Security Audit


Bomb Disposal Unit

Attends to information regarding presence of bomb / explosive at any premises, aircraft etc.

Diffusing of Bombs

Expert report regarding seized explosives, bomb.

Canine Unit

Use of sniffer dogs for detection of Explosive Devices etc at VIP/VVIP venues & public gatherings.

School of Special Branch

Develop capabilities and skills of Intelligence officers

SSP Survey & FSC, Special Branch Karachi

There are 02 main Section i.e.

Survey Section

FSC Section

The Survey Section Special Branch Karachi conducting Re-Survey of Key Point & Vital Installations.

The FSC Section (Foreigner Security Cell) conducting Security Audit of Chinese National & other Foreign Nationals

Develop / Non-Develop Schemes Info

At present no Development/ Non-Development Schemes are under progress.

Job Description

The Special Branch is a specialized unit within the police its primary focus is on gathering intelligence related to security threats, public safety, and national interests.

Intelligence Collection

Collect intelligence related to criminal activities, terrorism, political matters, and other potential threats to public safety through various means, including human sources, technical surveillance and open-source research.

Data Analysis

Analyze gathered intelligence reports and briefings for senior law enforcement officials and policy makers, highlighting actionable information to support decision making.

Surveillance and investigations

Conduct surveillance and investigations as required, maintaining a covert and vigilant presence when necessary to obtain critical information.

Liaison with other Agencies

Collaborate with other law enforcement agencies, security services and local authorities to exchange intelligence information and coordinate efforts to combat threats.

Counterterrorism and Counterintelligence

Support efforts to counteract terrorism, espionage, and other forms of subversion by monitoring and assessing potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Risk Assessment

Assess the security and safety risks associated with public events, government function, and other gatherings and provide recommendations to mitigate these risks.

Training and Development

Stay current with best practices in intelligence collection, analysis and security measures and participate in Training programs as required.

SSP Survey & FSC, Special Branch, Karachi

Re-Survey of Key Points & Security Audits of Foreigners

Work of Each Department

Intelligence Unit

Intelligence Information, Assessment and Special Reports

Advance Intelligence: Monitoring of Political, Religious and other events

Analysis and Forecasting and Reporting Governance issues Preparation of Daily DSR


Anti-state elements and Proscribed Organizations

Militants, Sectarian & 4th Schedule Activists

Hate material, Hate speeches and Seminaries

Foreigner’s Registration

Registration of Foreigners of B-list Countries

Issuance of resident permit after registration and travel permit on departure

Security Unit

Security of VVIPs/ VIPs

Technical support on security of foreigners and events

Security of Important buildings (CM House, Governor House, High Court etc.)


Airport Entry Passes

Extension in Visa of Indian National/Indian Origin

National Status for Machine Readable Passport, CNIC, Pakistani Prisoners abroad

Character Verification, Pre-Entry Visa for Indians

Arrangements of Foreigners Visiting Privately Sponsored Projects

Survey Unit

Security Audits Key Points : 340

Foreigners especially Chinese (CPEC & Non CPEC)

Important buildings and places

Survey Wing in each province established under MoI.

Works under the instructions of Key Point Intelligence Division (KPID) Directorate General, ISI, under MoD

Technical Unit

Bomb Disposal Unit: Technical sweepings of all venues visited by VIPs / VVIPs, venues, routes of rallies & processions

Detection and safe disposal of Explosive Devices

Canine Unit

Use of sniffer dogs for detection of Explosive Devices etc at VIP/VVIP venues & public gatherings.

School of Special Branch

The vision of School of SB is to prepare well equipped Intelligence Officers for Sindh Police, as per national and international standards

To establish and develop capabilities and skills of Intelligence officers by adopting modern scientific methods for espionage in order to help local police in curbing crimes and terrorist activities

SSP Survey & FSC, Special Branch, Karachi

Re-Survey of Key Points & Security Audits of Foreigners

Officers Name

S.No. Designation Name Date
1 Addl. IGP Special Branch, Sindh Lookafter by Mr. Abdul Qadir Qayyum, QPM, PSP 16.11.2023
2 AIGP (Admin) S.B, Sindh Mr. Muhammad Ali, SP 12.05.2023
3 AIGP/Operation-I, SB, Sindh Vacant --
4 AIGP/Operation-II, SB, Sindh Vacant --
5 DIGP (S.B) Karachi Mr. Capt. (R) Pervaiz Ahmed Chandio, PSP 31.01.2023
6 ADIGP (S.B) Karachi -- --
7 SSP Intelligence  (S.B), Karachi Mr. Arif Aziz, PSP 09.09.2023
8 SSP Security (S.B), Karachi Mr. Irfan Mukhtar Bhutto, PSP 12.01.2023
9 SSP Survey & Foreigners Security (S.B) Karachi Mr. Khalid Mustafa Korai, PSP 05.04.2024
10 SP Technical, Special Branch, SB Vacant --
11 Director Canine Unit (DCU), Sindh Vacant --
12 SSP Inspection of Privicate Security Companies Cell, Karachi Vacant --
13 SSP Survey & Foreigners Security (S.B) Sukkur Vacant --
14 SP Mirpurkhas (S.B) Mr. Shah Nawaz Memon, SP 30.10.2023
15 SSP Shaheed Benazirabad (S.B) Vacant --
16 SP Hyderabad (S.B) Mr. Aijaz Ahmed Shaikh, PSP 09.09.2023
17 SP Sukkur (S.B) Mr. Mansoor Ahmed Mughal, SPS 14.12.2023
18 SP Larkana (S.B) Lookafter by Mr. Mansoor Ahmed Mughal, SPS 14.12.2023
Larkana Range Organogram
Larkana Range Organogram

Budget Information

Sindh Police Budget Info 2023 - 24