Training, Technical & Transport Branch

Functions of Department

(T&T Branch)

T&T Sindh is the administrative head of Motor Transport Sindh and Police Telecommunication Sindh both units are being headed by AIGsP.
T&T Sindh has been providing the department with safe and effective with Transport Fleet at industry competitive cost and also various innovative vhicle solutions to meet the needs & challenges of the department.
T&T Sindh is also providing and maintaining wireless communication facilities for all units of Sindh Police and other departments of GoS.

(Telecommunication Branch)

Police Telecommunication Sindh is unit of Sindh Police that provide and maintains wireless communication facilities for all units of Sindh Police, District administration authorities as well as to Army and Ranger.
To provide wireless base sets, vehicle wireless sets and walkie talkie as per the requirement of unit concerned.
Repair and maintenance of wireless sets, installation, closing, issuance and inventory management of wireless sets.
Wireless Base stations functioning at Police Stations / Police Posts / Wireless Control Rooms / Joint Control Rooms with Army & Rangers / District administration authorities are manned by this unit to serve as operator.
To make arrangements for special occasions including, religious processions & gathering, political gatherings, events like cattle camp of sacrificial animals, sports events, fairs at expo center etc.

Develop / Non-Develop Schemes Info

At present no Development/ Non-Development Schemes are under progress.

Job Description


Development & implementation of Telecommunication & Motor Transport policy for Sindh Police.
To deal with matters related to the modernization / up-gradation of Telecommunication and Transport infrastructure and resources.
To supervise the reconciliation and retrieval of vehicles from officers beyond entitlement.
To procure the tracking services of Sindh Police Transport Fleet at the lower possible rates through completive bidding process.
To Supervise / conduct the Auction of Sindh Police Condemned Vehicles.


Responsibilities / Operations under cost centre of IGP Sindh..

1. Repair & maintenance of transport.
2. Fuel management (POL).
3. Procurement of transport with its modalities (for other cost centres also).

Distribution of Newly procured transport / Allotment of Transport.
Supervision of MT Sindh workshops and Auction of condemned fleet.
Responsibilities / Operations under cost centre of DIGP T&T Sindh.

1. Repair & maintenance of APCs (Wheeled & Track).
2. Repair & maintenance of transport under DIGP T&T Office. .

IGP Protocol / Delegation & Guest Duties through fleet of IGP Sindh Vehicle Pool.
Tracking Services for Vehicles of Sindh Police.

Work of Each Department

Maintain the Law and order situation.

Officers Name

S.No. Designation Name Date

(Training Branch)

01 Addl. IGP Training Sindh Mr. Abdul Qadir Qayyum, QPM, PSP --
02 DIGP Training, Sindh Mr. Faizullah Korejo, PSP 21.09.2023
03 AIGP Training Sindh Mr. Naseem Ara Panhwar, PSP 11.08.2023
04 ADIGP Training Range Sindh Mr. Saadat Ali Yaseen, PSP 17.02.2023
05 Principal PTC Saeedabad, Karachi Syed Muhammad Abbas Rizvi, PSP 09.09.2023
06 Principal PTC Shahdadpur Vacant --
07 Commandant Sheheed Benazir Bhutto EPTC Razzakabad,Karachi - -
08 Commandant, Specialized Commando Training Center, Sakrand Look after by Mr. Ali Sher Jakhrani, PSP 15.09.2022
09 Principal RTC Jam Nawaz Ali Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Talpur, PSP 15.02.2023
10 Principal RTC Khairpur Mr. Mr. Rafique Ahmed Chachar, SP 20.10.2021
11 Principal PTS Larkana Mr. Akhtar Hussain Chandio, SP 21.05.2021
12 SP Traffic Training Institute, Karachi Ms. Farah Ambreen, PSP 19.05.2022
13 SP/Principal Abdul Aziz Bullo RTC Hyderabad Vacant --

(T&T Branch)

01 DIGP Technical & Transport, Sindh Mr. Zaeem Iqbal Shaikh, PSP 28.02.2022
02 ADIGP (Admin) T&T, Sindh -- --
03 AIGP Telecommunications, SIndh Dr. Qamar Abbas Rizvi, PSP 19.12.2022
04 AIGP Motor Transport, Sindh Mr. Junaid Ahmed Shaikh, PSP 17.11.2023
T & T main Organogram
T & T main Organogram
T & T main Organogram

Budget Information

Sindh Police Budget Info 2023 - 24