Benefits form Sindh Police Welfare Fund

01. Immediate Relief paid to the Legal Heirs of Shaheed/ Late Police Personnel Rs. 40,000/-
02. Finnancial & Medical Loan/ Aid According to requirement (Depends upon availibity of Funds)
03. Retirement Grant
a. On Superannuation (Retirement at the age of 60) Rs. 15,000/-
b. After Completion of 25 Years Service Rs. 25,000/- (one last running basic pay on retirement on superannuation or completion of 25 years service.

Shall be applicable on retirement on or after 1st September 2018
04 Marriage Grant
(on merriage of 1st & 2nd daughters) Non refundable
Rs. 50,000/-
(Depends upon availability of Funds)
05 Maintenance allowance being paid to widows of Late police personnel and
invalid police personnel.
Presently Rs. 5000/- per month being paid to the widows of late Police personnel / Invalid Police personnel.

Paid through their Bank Accounts.