Police Hospitals

Free Treatment facility for Police employees and their families available at Sindh Police Hospitals /Dispensaries

  Police Hospitals/Dispensaries, Karachi
    Sindh Police Police Hospital located at Garden, Karachi (click here to view snaps)
    Sindh Police Public Hospital Nazimabad, Karachi
    Sindh Police Dispensary Azizabad, Karachi
    Sindh Police Dispensary, Khawaja Ajmair Nagri, Karachi
  Police Hospital, Hyderabad/Nawabshah
    Regional Police Hospital, Hyderabad
    Police Dispensary Nawabshah located at District Benazirabad
Police Hospital Garden Karachi
1.  Established in 1946 and till now is being runed by the Health Department

2.  Area 8 Acre. (Premises 4.5)

3.  Strength 62 beds.

4.  The Establishment includes 41 Doctors, 60 Paramedic & 04 Ministerial Staff.

Available Facilities Police Hospital, Karachi.
Medicine Paeds ward
Surgery Orthopedics
Surgical Ward Pediatrics
Eye Ante Natal
TB Clinic Physiotherapy
EPI (Vaccination) Filter Clinics
Family Planning Operation Theater
X Ray Laboratory
Police Hospital, Hyderabad
1.  Area 7000 Sq. yd.

2.  Situated in Police HQ Hyderabad near M.T Office.

3.  Capacity 50 beds.

4.  Established in 1986 through donations, and till now is being run by the Philanthropists.

5.  Donors:-

     a) Kotry Association of Trade & Industries.

     b) One Builder (No Name)

     c) A.D Khowaja

6.  The Establishment includes 11 Doctors, 08 Doctors draw their salaries against posts of Doctors in dispensaries with Police in different districts. Health Department stopped pay of 03 Doctors. 03 Paramedics 30 Police Personnel are trained as Paramedic.

Available Facilities Police Hospital, Hyderabad.
T. B Clinic   Cardiac OPD
Dental Mother & Child Health Care Unit
Orthopedics Labour Room (Female)
Pediatrics Surgery
Ante Natal Eye O.T.
EPI Medical Ward
Surgical Ward Gynae and Obst.
Family Planning Urological Male/Female Ward A/C
Dialysis Unit Physiotherapy Ward
Filter Clinics X Ray
Laboratory Ultrasound
Operation Theater  
M-O-U Signed with the following Hoptitals for Police Employees:
  • PNS Shifa (treatment for victim of Gunshot/Bomb Blast injured only)
    Detail of patients admitted in PNS Shifa Hospital, (click here for detail)
  • Bahria Pharmacy (for provision of Medicines)